Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest Room Sneak Peak!

Finally! I got to decorate. If you haven't been reading this blog, here's some background for you: My fiance and I moved from a big 1BR apartment in San Francisco to a little 2BR about 6 months ago. I'm from NY and my fiance is from Morocco, and generally we have a steady stream of company, so it was very important to us to have a guest room, even if that meant we moved to an overall smaller place.

But once we moved, we had no visitors (of course), and we decided not to spend the money to buy a bed and decorate until someone bought a plane ticket out here. In the meantime, the room was a total dumping ground for all the things we didn't know what to do with once we moved.

So, last month, my parents bought a ticket, and we started (yay!). I wanted to make the tiny room (just under 10' X 10') cozy, cheerful and welcoming, and I needed to keep my budget to around $1000 including the bed, mattress, bedding, etc.

So we picked out the new Trondheim bed (full) from Ikea, which I loved, and put it with the Malm dressers we already had which were in the room. I found a super cheerful duvet at IKEA that matched a crewel rug I had from Anthropologie that was just languishing away in our linen closet. The green striped sheets are Martha Stewart, on sale for $30 at Macy's. I got a night table at Ikea for $19, and we found the little blue dressing table (perfect dimensions) at the Alameda flea for $100. The green lamp is also from the flea and the white lamp my mom gave me years ago.

In terms of art, I found the John Derian, plate on ebay, the other plate is from Ikea and so is the mirror. Then we added colorful art from Paper Pie Shop on Etsy, Wayne Pate and
Studio Violet.

The guest room is a bit more traditional than the rest of my apartment, but I love how it turned out. When you sit on the bed, it's a treat to look at the cheerful art prints facing you!

P.S. The pictures look so much nicer if you click on them. I need to learn how to decrease the size of the images I post up here...they get less clear once they are posted. Any tips, please share!


  1. Oh, what an honour :) It looks great Megan!

  2. It looks so cute! I will have to test it out myself...

  3. absolutely love it!! Great mix of patterns and old and new furniture!