Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Flowers

I had the pleasure of creating flower arrangements for the dinner party we went to on Thanksgiving. Who cares about the food - let's talk about the flowers! OK, I don't mean that, but here are some of the floral highlights (I have some food pictures for tomorrow).

We used these enormous white pillowy mums which prompted me to lean my cheek on them, berries, scabiosa, spidery mums, Queen Anne's lace, freesia and more. It was super fun to change up my color palette for something festive, and even more fun since my friend Meredith helped for the whole night! Including prepping about 50 roses. Thanks Mer!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Porcelain to die for

I know it sounds dramatic. But it's true. I saw some of Samantha Robinson's delicate, ethereal vases at Anthropologie and I didn't get them in time :(

She is based in Australia, but I'm wondering if anyone knows where to purchase in the U.S.?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I can't wait. We are going to a friend's whose boyfriend is an amazing chef. So we will have a delightful and delicious meal with old friends. And, I'm doing the flowers. Can't wait. In the meantime, pictured is the one recipe I'm making: Maple roasted carrots and turnips. Picture from Sunday Suppers. Click here for the full recipe!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Obsessed. And then some.

Artist Anna Bond opened an online stationary shop today. I have followed her work on her own blog for a while and it is simply gorgeous. Stunning. Lovely. Inspiring. Awesome. Fabulous. Perfect. Adorable. Charming. Did I mention that I love all her work? Am I making up reasons for buying paper in my mind right now? That must be obvious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Hostess Gift Guide!

I simply adore selecting and giving presents. So it was great fun to put together a holiday gift guide for hostesses (and hosts) in time for the holiday season to kick off with Thanksgiving. I focused on gifts under $100, many under $50. If you're looking for other price points just tell me and I'll see what I can dig up. And, if you have any other areas you're interested in, tell me in the comments. I'll probably add an update in December.
Bring a friend a lovely piece of affordable artwork. Print on the left by Elisabeth Dunker,$35. Print on the right by Hadley Hutton, from $30.

Bring cheer to the kitchen with these vibrant Marimekko tea towels, from $24.

I want this one. What could be cuter than this adorable bird pot by Camilla Engdahl, $45.

Keep loved ones warm and cozy. Slippers from LL Bean, from $39. Cozy, chunky throw from West Elm, $79.

Give joy and by joy I mean sparkles. Spunky pinecone critters from Pottery Barn, $26. Festive wreath by David Stark for West Elm, $59.

Go crazy with basics like salt and pepper. Penguin (and many other creatures) salt and pepper shakers from Jonathan Adler, $48.

Don't forget the foodies. Espresso serving set with Blue Bottle Coffee from Heath Ceramics, $115. Or give a spicy version of an old classic - this stuff is amazing. Aztec hot chocolate by Mariebelle, $19.

These stunning trays can be used to serve food, anchor a small bar station during a party, or they can be hung on the wall and admired. Serving trays by Ibride, from $75.

Maximum Cuteness

My sister accused me of favoring Bartleby over Buster, since I post more pictures of him. He is just always in the middle of everything. Here's Buster being cozy on the couch. He is like a lap heater now that it's getting cold out!

Giant Pine

I saw this awesome tree with all the huge pine cones on it in Golden Gate Park this weekend. It looked kind of spooky in real life. Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Group Shot

Here's how they looked together. The light isn't great, sorry about that!

Flowers! At long last...

As I mentioned, I arranged some flowers for my friend's dinner party. Purple artichokes, antique hydrangea, blue berries, pink raspberry-colored snowberries, tawny golden something and fuschia fuzzy flowers. Plus stunning maple leaves. OK, I need to learn some more flower names, I know. In the meantime, enjoy!

P.S. I need submissions for "Flowers Inspired By...Moody." Is the idea too confusing? Or does moody just stink as a concept? Be honest now, I can take it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leftover Maple Leaves

They are such a stunning color this time of year. Almost raspberry pinkish red mixed with burnt orange. Not to sound like a J. Crew catalog or anything.

Friday, November 6, 2009

More Bounty

I might have posted something like this. I can't remember and I'm too tired to check. Regardless these are the best pomegranates ever, from the tree at High Voltage Ranch. And the persimmons? Delicious. From my farmer's market. I love fall produce!

Flower Hunting

Bartleby got excited for a new batch of flowers early this morning. I can't say I blame him! I made the flowers for a friend's dinner party tonight. More on the finished product soon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love Letters in Philadelphia

Have any of my Philly readers seen these awesome murals? I would love some more pix. I guess they are best seen on the El. From
A Love Letter For You found via Bird and Banner. They're so bold and graphic and just plain awesome.