Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Flowers

I had the pleasure of creating flower arrangements for the dinner party we went to on Thanksgiving. Who cares about the food - let's talk about the flowers! OK, I don't mean that, but here are some of the floral highlights (I have some food pictures for tomorrow).

We used these enormous white pillowy mums which prompted me to lean my cheek on them, berries, scabiosa, spidery mums, Queen Anne's lace, freesia and more. It was super fun to change up my color palette for something festive, and even more fun since my friend Meredith helped for the whole night! Including prepping about 50 roses. Thanks Mer!


  1. They are beautiful - those Mums look like the softest things ever - can they make bed sheets out of Mums petals?? hmmm - maybe if I was a fairy, but alas I am just a lady who is always battling for real estate in her own bed because of her two pampered cats!! :)

  2. Wow! Love them. I set the second image as my computer background -- which I have done with some of your past posts and highly recommend to any reader. When my IT folks remote into my system, they almost always compliment the background! It is kind of funny to hear usually non-expressive HelpDesk analysts say, "ooh! those are so pretty."