Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Shoot - Details!

I forgot to call out - the green teapot (holding flowers) and yellow sugar bowl (holding the artichoke) are by Fiesta and were gifts from my friend Liz. Thanks Liz! You can see they are in use :)


  1. Neat! I just saw those elf-broccolis at my farmers' market on Sunday for the first time. They are so crazy, and probably nutritious.

    Thanks for the Fiesta shout out. I like your flowers-in-china thing. Especially the teapot bursting with flora. It would be a cool way to give people flowers because then they have the fleeting beauty of the flowers and the lasting fun of the teapot. Or pitcher. Or julep cup. Or cocktail shaker. Or whatever. Just not another glass flower globe to throw away when they move apartments.

  2. Also, the way you captured the rays of sunlight on the produce makes me wonder:
    What would Jesus eat?
    Perhaps elf-broccoli and zebra-eggplants.