Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flowers Inspired By...Harvest!!!

Hello! I am beyond excited to share the results of "Flowers Inspired By...Harvest." Everyone's submissions focused around leaves, food and farmers markets, so I decided to combine them into one for this week.

I was super inspired by how "harvest" and fall produce seemed to be related. Instead of going to the flower market, I wanted to see how I could decorate with food as much as possible, and I shopped exclusively at the farmer's market to see what I could come up with.

Well, I found quite a bounty! Little purple and white eggplants, lovely in their simplicity of shape and depth of color. Herbs that have tiny yellow flowers on them. Pointy broccoli that looks like a sculpture. Artichokes! Kale! And of course, some lovely flowers from my favorite flower farmer. Today I'm posting the wide pictures of my "Harvest Table," shot in a picnic area of Golden Gate Park. More detailed shots tomorrow.

I also want to thank you all for your submissions. This column is getting more exciting every week, at least for me, and I hope for you as well. I'll post a new theme in the next day or two :) Also, you can blow the pictures up by clicking on them.

Oops, I forgot: the plates and yarn, etc. didn't come from the market! Credits below.

Plates and latte bowls: Anthropologie
Moroccan Tea Glasses, flatware and linens: my own


  1. These pictures are wonderful! The sunlight is awazing. I would never have thought that purples could be so evocative of "harvest" -- but they are. And I love the food and flowers combo.

    And you are always using plants that I've never seen before. Is it because I'm on the East Coast? Or because I don't know all that much about flowers? (But I do recognize the Queen Anne's lace -- whose roots are carrot-like -- did you pick it wild?)

  2. Thanks Liz! I am not sure what flowers I am using that are unusual...the light yellow "berries" are actually peppers. Beyond that I have sunflowers, marigolds, and yellow herb flowers and that purple flower that I forgot the name of...nothing too esoteric :) But I'll take the compliment regardless!