Sunday, October 4, 2009

Exhaustion dotted with bliss

I went to the Alameda Flea for the first time today.

Did you hear that? I said, the "first time." As in, in the 6+ years I have lived in the Bay Area, I never went. What a colossal moron I have been!!!

I finally took the plunge because I have not been able to find a desk that's small enough for our guest room, which needs to be completed by (gulp!) Friday, when my parents arrive. So as a last resort, I got up at 7am, arrived by 8am at the market. Which has 7000 parking spots. And over 800 vendors.

Well, it blew my mind. It is spectacular. It's not a flea market. It's like, take all of the things you like, throw them into one gigantic parking lot, and that's what it is. A melange of delights.

I was looking for a desk, and I found one that had, incredibly, the exact proportions I wanted: 34" wide by 18" deep. I felt like I would faint of shock when I finally located it.

Pictures of the new guest room coming in a few days!!!

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