Saturday, September 19, 2009

Valid Etc.

That's what the digital monitor says every time you use your fastrak in a toll plaza. And every time, I'm totally obsessed with figuring out what they mean by "Etc." Literally, in Latin, in means "and the rest." So my fastrak is valid, and the rest. And the rest of what? Valid and the rest of that crap? Valid and the rest of legality? Valid and the rest of the cards? I have no idea, and I want them to change it so I can stop wasting time pondering the meaning of it.

I was on the Bay Bridge today coming back from, yes, you guessed it - Ikea. I have one more weekend to get the guest room in order and I need step on it. So I picked up a few things and then spent about 6 hours cleaning out the room, then re-arranging my bedroom furniture, and more. I'm beat but not so much so that I can't continue to wonder about Valid Etc.

Soon I'll start posting pictures of progress. But now, you can see the before shots. When we moved into this apartment, we used this room as kind of a dumping ground. I think you'll see that in the pictures. Enjoy the before etc.

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