Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Flowers

It's so weird to be in my apartment without any flowers right now. Here are images of the place, sans the mess you usually see. But it feels just a tiny bit sad and soulless without the blooms covering every surface. Like I have less to come home to (earmuffs Buster and Bartleby). Anyway, let's hope I get some big orders soon :)

Oh, and the kick-ass best bear poster EVER above my table is by Nate Duval, the other poster is by Studio Violet, and the screenprints on wood are by my lovely friend, Claudia Reyes. Actually that's the link to Claudia's amazing dog Wembley's website. I can't find her portfolio online! Claud will you send it to me and I'll update the link?

Hint: you can see the artwork bigger if you click on the picture.


  1. I WANT that bear poster! It looks like Owen. Owen wants that bear poster. So does Olive.

  2. i love the living room ,so cheerfull