Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stuffed Animal Weddings & Flowers En Masse

When we were little, my sister Amy and I used to spend countless hours and days planning elaborate stuffed animal weddings. Inevitably, one of my animals would marry one of hers. And we would use the long, narrow upstairs hallway for the aisle.

I've spent the last two days painstakingly making so many floral arrangements that I feel like I'm doing flowers for a wedding. However, I'm actually giving the jars of blooms out to people in the neighborhood - local shops, restaurants, etc. - so they know I'm around.

Regardless it's been fun. I love having this many flowers. Bring on a party, someone! Or two animals who'd like to be wed. I'll bring the flowers.


  1. How did it go? You are going to make some neighbors very happy. Or some stuffed animals.

    Are those zinnias? Are they seasonal flowers?

  2. It went well! People were so nice and gracious, and I think pretty much all women are excited to get flowers. If Jane Austen were alive today, she'd write "It is a truth universally acknowledged...that all women should have flowers given to them on a weekly basis."

  3. Amy sounds pretty cool. The flowers look great!