Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yes, I Love Bougainvillea

I've always been kind of obsessed with my surroundings. Nature, design, interiors, flowers - you name it, I'm fixated on it. To an unusual, or some might say, slightly strange, degree.

Case in point: I was riding in a car with two colleagues and there was a bougainvillea "divider" on the freeway.

Me: Isn't that bougainvillea just so beautiful?
Colleagues: Yes, it's really pretty.
Me: I mean, it's just so luscious and vibrant. I can't believe how lovely it is.
Colleagues: They nod in agreement.
Me: It makes me want to frolic in a field and just be outside!
Colleagues: Silence.

You get the picture. Hopefully you feel the same!

More about me: I'm starting a home floral design studio, and trying to get a letterpress, and maybe decorating some friend's apartments. I've spent years spent whining about not having enough creative outlets, and now they've all come pouring out at once. Wish me luck, and keep reading!


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  1. Good luck! I can't wait to hear about your inspiration and see where it takes you.