Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday in the Kitchen

Not sure why, but I was struck by an urge to cook all afternoon today. My husband can tell you that this feeling is not only rare, but it might actually be the first time I've done it in my life. We made out like bandits at the farmer's market yesterday, and I don't know, inspiration just struck me.

I wanted to make stock to use in soups, since I don't like the pre-made ones and soups taste so much better with good stock. I wanted to make a good soup. And, I wanted to make a pie. I've never made a pie before. In fact, I'm terrible at baking, and although we own a cute yellow Kitchenaid, I've never actually used it until today.

I'm going to post each cooking project separately. Yay cooking! Stock is in the freezer as I type :)

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