Monday, September 20, 2010

East Bay Explorer: Jack London Square

I think I mentioned I moved to Oakland, right? Well, for those of you not in Northern California, Oakland is in the East Bay (in relation to San Francisco) along with Berkeley. After almost 8 years in SF, it's been super exciting to start to really explore a new city, and I am just loving it. So I'll have "East Bay Explorer" columns quite a bit, I hope, as we get to know Oakland better.

Jack London Square is on the water (SF Bay) and it's an old industrial area that has been somewhat revitalized with new restaurants and such. Blue Bottle Coffee has their roastery here and I've already been several times. There are all sorts of industrial kitchens (Miette) and old food stalls that I believe are still in use. I snapped these pictures of the neighborhood when a storm was coming on (in September??? WHAT???) so you can see the fog we deal with in these parts.

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