Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Feast

My husband's sister is visiting from Morocco, and we wanted to make sure she had a great impression of all the yumminess surrounding Independence Day. Trouble is, we don't have a grill (or an outside space), so we had to adapt our menu a bit.

- Kefta (Moroccan meatball) inspired burgers with onions, cilantro and paprika mixed in with the meat
- Potato salad with pesto, green beans and pine-nuts
- Boiled white summer corn with butter, salt and pepper
- Apple cake with strawberries, honey and almonds

Plus, we got to use some of my new dishes. Not sure I've mentioned them, but we try to eat on small plates and I got these little cuties with an Anthro gift card I had. Adorable, eh?

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  1. the left overs were delish!! UJ