Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Happy Weekend

Farmer's market, check.
Running, check.
Swimming, check.
5 mile hike in Marin, check.
Beautifying mani / pedi, check.
General feeling of luck for living in such a beautiful area, check.

What a lovely weekend. It was so warm and sunny here in the Bay Area. I took a glorious hike up Mt. Tam today and stupidly forgot my camera! Views from the top were of San Francisco, the East Bay all the way to Mt. Diablo, the Golden Gate bridge, Ocean Beach and the skyline of San Francisco, Richardson Bay, get the point. Perfect everywhere I turned.

Pictures of the weekend from top:
- Awesome graffiti at my farmer's market
- Bartleby bird-watching
- Cous cous lunch with carrots and beef
- Sliced oranges with cinnamon for dessert

Tonight is my first official Sunday roast and I'm making chicken with onions, carrots and baby potatoes. Upon receiving some advice I put butter and herbs under the skin and sprinkled it all with sea salt, pepper, fresh thyme and rosemary. I'll let you know how it goes. Don't forget to give me your favorite roast ideas, please!

P.S. As I mentioned I've been adjusting to a lot of changes including a new schedule. But I've got lots of posts lined up for this week to make up for my absence!

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