Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Excuses

Hi Again. I am sorry for the sparse posts lately. My life has been full of changes and just so busy lately. All good, just consuming of time and energy. Plus, I'm getting married soon! I know, I've mentioned my fiance before, but we're getting married May 29 and I have been trying to get it all together! We're doing a civil ceremony and a tiny party with family in NY - but I still want everything to be just so.

To that end, I've enlisted the incredibly talented LLubav to design and make a ring pillow for me! Her creations are just lovely and inspiring and I am so excited. Plus, I found out she worked at Hable Construction for 8 years, which just about makes her my design idol. Here are some pictures of other pillows she's done. Check out her adorable website when you have a moment.

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