Monday, February 15, 2010

Leftovers / A Confession

I was lucky to have some super pretty, fragrant flowers left from the weekend. I made a big messy bunch of hyacinth, jasmine, greens, ranunculus and anemones. I love it! It's been too long since I got to arrange some flowers for my home :)

And, in a fit of laziness, I cut all the additional anemones, ranunculus and muscari and put them into a little square glass vase. No work needed to enhance their loveliness.

And, for my confession: I made a lot of purple / blue bouquets this weekend. And I am kind of obsessed now. And, here is the shocking part, something a florist should never admit: I used to hate purple and blue flowers (except for dahlias, of course). They always screamed "bridesmaid" to me. But now it's all I am interested in, inspiring by the lovely blue anemones and vine I found last week. Oh, to explore a new range of colors - i am so excited!

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