Monday, February 22, 2010

How do you find inspiration?

I find that some weeks I have tons of creative energy and ideas for this blog, and other times I just fall flat on my face. Do you agree that desperation breeds creativity? - because I'm pretty sure it's not true in my case. During the most hectic times in my life I have a super hard time finding time to think creatively, because my mind is already wiped out.

To fight the dullness, I take walks and go outside, read, see good movies, perhaps have a nice meal. But lately it seems like I need to do a little more. Life seems tiring and I get so easily bogged down in dishes, cat litter, grocery shopping, cleaning, sinus infections, blah blah blah.

However, you all have to function in everyday life, too! So, tell me, what do you do for inspiration? I'm hoping for some handy, "Real Simple" style tips and real life stories :)

And, what do you want to see more of / less of on this blog?

P.S. Delicious cranberry-pear pie at Mission Pie.


  1. Oh, I feel like I need so much more time on this blog! I really love all the pictures of your travels, your home, even your childhood bedroom! I've really enjoyed scrolling through! Now, if I could just access a piece of that pie to nibble on while I read!

  2. I have zero creativity when work/life is hectic.

    One thing I do for inspiration is read your blog! No joke!

    I have also discovered that my procrasticooking (cooking needlessly elaborate things instead of working on some chore or deadline) is really good for idea-percolation. Because I have to focus on the cooking, the dull distractions are kept at bay. And it is productive in a sensual way. But that is not going to help with your dishes, grocery shopping, or cleaning problems. And it presumes a love of cooking.

    So my other trick is to have a bout of "internet deprivation" (on a work day) or "tv deprivation" (on a non-work day). I do not do this frequently, for obvious reasons. On those days, I am limited to a finite and small amount of time to access either one. That takes away my crutches of amusement and ruts of distraction and often jumpstarts the creativity.