Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm sure I'm not the only girl...

Who stares lustily at the ceramics (and pastries) at the lovely organic patisserie Miette in the Ferry Building.

So I was almost overwhelmed with excitement when I stumbled upon the work of ceramic artist Whitney Smith. Because her tiny cupcake stands and dessert plates with little birds adorn the shelves at Miette, and I finally found who made them!

Here are some of my favorites, but there are tons more over at her site, where you can also shop your little heart out. Delightful cupcake stands here I come! I guess I'll need to get some sweets while I'm at it :)


  1. Oh! Exquisite agony! Those are unbelievable. If that doesn't inspire superlative baking efforts, then nothing ever could. I love the elevation of the cupcake to center stage.

  2. I like the cupcake best. But then again, I always do.

  3. I want all of those cake and cupcake stands. Every one of them. I wish they made some with glass bell-tops as well.